Settling Final Affairs

When a person dies, all that person's assets need to be accounted for and distributed. Taxes and debts need to be paid. Beneficiaries of insurance policies and stipulations in a will need to be paid. These things don't happen by themselves, although many might wish it were so. The process by which these affairs get settled is called probate or estate administration. The process can be confusing and complicated. But an experienced estate administration lawyer can guide you through the process and help you settle a deceased person's financial business. For help in Lackawanna, Luzerne, or surrounding Northeastern Pennsylvania counties, call LaMonica Law Firm LLC at 570-599-6817 or write to us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Navigating A Complex Process

Estates can differ greatly not only in size and complexity but also in the way they get administered. For example, having a will in place can provide a road map for questions that will otherwise need to be decided by a court in a process called probate. Regardless of the size and structure of an estate, however, there are certain elements that remain consistent. For example, one person will be designated the executor of the estate, the person who will be responsible for probating a will and finalizing a deceased person's affairs. This includes:

  • Creating an inventory of all assets and debts
  • Paying debts and taxes
  • Notifying creditors of the person's debts
  • Identifying and notifying beneficiaries
  • Making sure beneficiaries receive whatever assets remain after all debts and creditors have been paid

For someone who has never been through the process before, estate administration can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking task; especially if the will is contested or there are other roadblocks. This is when having a knowledgeable estate administration attorney on your side is an incalculable boon. At LaMonica Law Firm LLC, we can help you navigate these challenges, settling the details of an estate so you can move forward with confidence into the future.

For Help Settling An Estate, Call Today

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