Safeguarding Your Parental Rights

All someone has to do is make a call alleging that your children have been abused. Then suddenly Children and Youth Services (CYS) is at your door asking to come in. And now you face the prospect of losing custody of your own children. This nightmare scenario is all too common, and, sadly, can sometimes end with parents losing their rights to their children. If you find yourself in this situation, you need an aggressive advocate on your side who can defend your rights and fight to keep you from having your children taken away. In Lackawanna, Luzerne, and surrounding Northeastern Pennsylvania counties, call LaMonica Law Firm LLC at 570-599-6817 or use our online form to reach out.

How Do I Get My Kids Back?

If your children have already been removed by CYS, all hope is not lost. But you need an experienced and determined lawyer on your side to protect your constitutional rights and represent you every step of the way until you can be reunited with your children.

When someone has made a call to CYS to allege that you've engaged in child abuse, drug abuse or neglect, and as a result your children have been removed from your custody, you have a fight on your hands. Ultimately a court will decide if, when and under what circumstances you will reunite with your children. But having an experienced lawyer on your side who can serve as your advocate and defender during the process is essential to give you the best shot at a successful outcome. You may be required to attend a parenting class, or receive counseling for drug and alcohol abuse or mental health issues before you get your kids back. Meanwhile your children could spend some time in foster or kinship care. At LaMonica Law Firm LLC, we protect you from being run over by overly aggressive CYS agents. We make sure that your rights are protected and that we do everything in our power to return your children to your custody.

Don't Wait To Protect Your Family

If the CYS is on your case, this is a serious situation that could potentially end with you losing your parental rights. To contact an attorney experienced in these matters in Lackawanna, Luzerne, and surrounding Northeastern Pennsylvania counties, call LaMonica Law Firm LLC at 570-599-6817 or get more information by using our online contact form to reach out.